Il mio intervento ai supporter di Sanders a San Diego

Questo testo è il mio intervento streaming all’ iniziativa di Bernie Sanders a San Diego.

Message from a fellow Bernie supporter in Italy: 
Hello to everyone, from your comrades!! Brothers and sisters in the struggle.
First of all, sorry that I don’t speak English, but I would like to avoid bloopers already made previously by the Prime Ministers such as Berlusconi or Renzi so thanks to Josephine for the translation
You may wonder why a person from Italy follows the American election campaign? And why one supports Sanders. Let me tell you, I think you are a great nation with a great history. I therefore think it is important to follow the politics of one of the most important countries (or perhaps the country) in the world right now.
Right now in Europe the situation is not simple. We still live in a complete state of crisis. This crisis is allowing old fears to emerge which we thought were destroyed and cancelled with the end of World War II:  Racism and intolerance emerging in Europe, populism and walls as you have in the U.S.
That’s why Sanders for you as for us represents a great hope. Why we can’t live in a world ruled by hatred, of racism and the power of money and financial lobbyists.
My country’s media campaign in Italy is concentrating on Donald Trump whose phrases are being joked about and for Hillary Clinton who is praised as the only Saviour, the only hope for Americans.
Sanders is seen as a Spry old man who mumbles, that he says the right things but who will never be President of the United States because he is old and because he speaks of old things.
I rather think they are fantastic things.  Don’t tell me old things.  He speaks of the right things even in Italiy.  Here in Europe it make sense because besides populist racism similar to Trump’s mantra, we risk being attacked and destroyed by the lobbyist also here in Italy who have caused this crisis.
But here you see many kilometers, thousands of kilometers, but speaking with Josephine in these days, these years and in talking to my other friends who are scattered around the world; I hear from a fellow in Japan; there is a friend of mine who is studying and living in France in which right now I do not know whether you heard the news but the turmoil in France was agitated and experiences a moment of large and very strong general strikes
So while there are many kilometers which divide us, so many kilometers between all of us, however, only one common thing: the same attack that we are experiencing: great economic powerful multinationals lobbyists.

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